Archive for the ‘Dental Insurance’ Category offers over forty different dental insurance and dental plans. One of our lower cost dental insurance options would be an HMO though California Dental. California Dental offers three plans tailored for individuals, Couples and Families. They range in cost from $7.95 – $16.95 to $18.95 – $39.95 a month, depending on the plan and whether it is for an individual, couple or family plan. Review all our dental insurance plan options just by entering your zip code in the quote box provided. If you have any questions please call our member service line at 310-534-3444.

Studies suggest people that have dental insurance make and keep their needed dental appointment their by maintaining their preventive dental care and reducing their risks of having to need larger dental services in the future. However cost plays a factor in whether or not a person has dental insurance. Our website provides a broad range of dental insurance and dental discount plans. Therefore we are able to provide plans that are more affordable, helping you to keep your dental care cost low as well as insurance needs.


Learn more about the plans has in California dental insurance plans. Explore dental insurance plans on our website in California and find the right dental insurance for you and or you and your family. Buying a dental insurance plan that fits your dental care needs the best, will not only save you money on your dental services but you will more likely make and keep your needed dental appointments.

Traditional Fee-for-Service Plan

Indemnity dental insurance is another plan where the plan pays the dentist on a traditional fee-for-service basis.  Indemnity dental insurance is an insurance package where the policyholder can choose his or her own dentist and the insurance provider will be the one to pay that designated dentist your fees or, usually, around half of them.  This indemnity dental insurance plan allows you to select any licensed dentist for service.  An indemnity dental insurance plan is often called a traditional dental coverage plan or a fee for service plan.  You will need to pay a deductible on your indemnity dental insurance.

Feature of an Indemnity Dental Insurance – 100% Preventive Care Options

There are several features of indemnity dental insurance plans for individuals that make these plans different from many other types of dental coverage: Insurance providers will pay up to 100% of preventative dental care.  Although they are becoming increasingly rare, indemnity dental insurance plans are also still available and provide the freedom to choose the dentist of your choice at a higher out-of-pocket expense.  In indemnity dental insurance plans, the insured has to pay all the costs for services directly and then submit a claim for reimbursement once a deductible has been met.

Indemnity Dental Insurance Plans – They are NOT Dental Discount Plans

Also included with discount dental plans, these are not dental insurance, but can provide you with the freedom to visit any dentists at considerable discounts over their standard charge, though they are seemingly rare, but the indemnity dental insurance plans are also available to provide freedom to choose the dentist from your choice on a higher out of pocket expenditure.  The lack of benefits has rendered traditional indemnity dental insurance little more than two inexpensive continuing care visits, consisting of an examination, prophylaxis (cleaning) and radiographs (X-rays) per year and help with minor restorative treatment, such as a few direct restorations (fillings).

Freedom of Choice When Selecting a Dentists – Indemnity Dental Insurance Benefits

Indemnity dental insurance plans usually employ an “open panel” of dentists.  Indemnity Dental Insurance Plans. This type of dental plan pays the dental office (dentist) on a traditional fee-for-service basis.  Like a PPO dental plan, indemnity dental insurance plans give you the freedom to go to the dentist of your choice.  offers free quotes and information on California dental insurance providers, allowing customers to compare plans side by side in order to pick the best plan for their dental care needs.  Taking the time to shop and compare plans, to read the plans terms and conditions is how you find the right plan for you and or your family needs.

Individual dental insurance is probably one of the most widely adopted private insurance plans.

Individual dental insurance provides you with the coverage you need to promote good dental health in which you can generally find customized options. That means you may have some work cut out for you as you shop our web site. For example, in California we offer over 65 dental plans to choose from which beats looking through that many places. Keep in mind individual plans is just a term used to distinguish itself from group plans which you generally get from your employer. Since obtaining an individual dental insurance plan is very affordable, many people choose to take responsibility for that coverage either as a stand-alone policy or as a supplement to their group dental coverage.

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