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Finding the right value is an important step in purchasing affordable dental coverage for you and your family. Both types of have advantages and disadvantages and one size does not fit everyone.

Insurance Company is a specialist in dental insurance and dental discount plans for individuals, families and groups. The dental insurance plans will be shown based upon the zip code you enter and their availability in your state.

Please be sure to contact the dental office to confirm they are accepting new patients and the dental plan you have selected. If you have any dental questions please feel free to our office during regular business hours. You will find our licensed insurance agents ready to assist you.

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Dental Insurance – Indemnity

Dental Insurance

This is the plan where you choose your own dentist. Sometimes it is referral to as private dental insurance.  This type of dental insurance plan pays the dental office (dentist) on a traditional fee-for-service basis. A monthly premium is paid by the client and/or the employer to an insurance company, which then reimburses the dental office (dentist) for the services rendered.

An insurance company usually pays between 50% – 80% of the dental office (dentist) fees for a covered procedures; the remaining 20% – 50% is paid by the client. These plans often have a pre-determined or set deductible amount which varies from plan to plan.

Indemnity plans also can limit the amount of services covered within a given year and pay the dentist based on a variety of fee schedules.

Some typical features of these plans:

  • High deductibles before coverage begins (well-designed plans don’t apply the deductible to preventive services)

  • Probationary periods on certain procedures that last up to a year

  • Annual dollar limit on benefits

  • Chose your own dentist

  • Your average monthly cost: $25 or more a month

  • Companies selling these plans are regulated by state insurance departments.