Question: Do to a job change I no longer have dental insurance. It is very important that I maintain dental insurance for my health care. I have diabetes and because of my diabetes I have on and off again problems with my teeth. I have problems mostly with my gums but I also get many cavities due to being a diabetic. I have to see my dentist every three months just so I can keep my teeth in good shape. So I would like to know if getting dental insurance is going to be a problem with having diabetes? Also I do not want to change dentist since mine knows about my diabetes and I like the way he takes care of me. I do not know where to look for dental insurance and I want to make sure I will be covered for my future dental needs.

Answer: Most dental insurance plans do not exclude for pre-existing. You being diabetic and having dental care under the plan should not be an issue. However just read terms and conditions of the plans you are viewing. Most dental insurance will not cover work in progress which is not what you have. The other factor you mention was about keeping your current dentist. I would suggest calling your dental office up and finding out what plans they are a provider of. This will save you from reviewing plans they they do not accept. If you have to buy a PPO or Indemnity dental insurance plan in order to stay with your current dentist then make sure you carefully read the plans term and conditions, since these types of plans will normally have waiting periods and maximum limitations that may effect your current dental care needs.