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Question: Is there any dental insurance plans that I can get for a signal person for only $15.00 or less a month. So far all the plans I see for dental insurance are around $30 – $45 or more a month. I am even willing to have longer waiting periods if that will help reduce my monthly cost. I have no major dental needs but I hate not having dental insurance just in case something was to come up.

Answer: Yes you can find low monthly dental insurance plan. What you would want to look for are HMO dental insurance plans. They normally offer very low affordable monthly cost and good over coverages. Another choice also would be a dental discount plan. They to are very affordable on a monthly cost and will help reduce your dental services needed. We over both of these plans types in most states. Just enter your zip code in the quote box provided to review the plan options available

Question: Do to a job change I no longer have dental insurance. It is very important that I maintain dental insurance for my health care. I have diabetes and because of my diabetes I have on and off again problems with my teeth. I have problems mostly with my gums but I also get many cavities due to being a diabetic. I have to see my dentist every three months just so I can keep my teeth in good shape. So I would like to know if getting dental insurance is going to be a problem with having diabetes? Also I do not want to change dentist since mine knows about my diabetes and I like the way he takes care of me. I do not know where to look for dental insurance and I want to make sure I will be covered for my future dental needs.

Answer: Most dental insurance plans do not exclude for pre-existing. You being diabetic and having dental care under the plan should not be an issue. However just read terms and conditions of the plans you are viewing. Most dental insurance will not cover work in progress which is not what you have. The other factor you mention was about keeping your current dentist. I would suggest calling your dental office up and finding out what plans they are a provider of. This will save you from reviewing plans they they do not accept. If you have to buy a PPO or Indemnity dental insurance plan in order to stay with your current dentist then make sure you carefully read the plans term and conditions, since these types of plans will normally have waiting periods and maximum limitations that may effect your current dental care needs.

Question: Right now I an in school so I do not receive dental benefits from my part time job. Is it possible for me to get dental insurance on my own? I do not have a lot of money but want to have some dental for my oral health needs.

Answer: Since you are looking for a lower cost dental insurance plan I would suggest reviewing any dental HMO options available in your state. Dental HMO insurance plans are the more affordable plans with fewer limitations, however you will need to go to a plan provider. You may so want to review any dental discount plans that are available to you in your state. As dental discount plans make dental care more affordable for a very monthly cost.

I was wondering if there are any dental insurance plans that cover for cosmetic services? My current dental plan will not cover for me to have any dental cosmetic services such as teeth whitening, veneers or dental implants. That said I would still like to have some help with the cost of cosmetic dental services. I have yet to find a dental insurance that will cover for cosmetic services.

Reply: Most dental insurance plan to not offer benefits/coverage’s for cosmetic dental care services. So it may be hard to find one that dose. However you may want to review a  dental discount plan options such as Careington. With a dental discount plan you save off all your dental care needs including cosmetic services. Generally your average discounted saving on cosmetic dental services is around 15% to 20% not bad on a plan that cost you less then $10.00 a month for an individual.

I do not have dental insurance and I live out here in OK. I need two dental crowns for my teeth. I was also told that I should have a small cavity filled before it becomes a bigger issue. I just do not have the money needed. My dentist quoted me 2875.00 for two crowns and fillings. Where can I go to get the dental work need for half that cost. Because that is about all the extra money I have right now to spend on my teeth care. Please advise or give suggestions.

Reply: You may want to review either any dental discount plan options or HMO insurance plan options that are available to you in your State. Both of this options are lower cost plans, but more importantly they do not have waiting periods for the dental care services you current need. Now whether or not they are half the cost that you are getting quoted for on not I can not say you would need to review each plan and see which you feel best fits your needs. But both plan types to help to reduce your dental care cost compared to not having anything.

Where can I go to get dental implant work done at a low cost? I do not have dental insurance and a dental discount plan is not cutting it for me. I bought a discount plan thinking it may help and it not like I did not get any discount savings, it is just was not enough. With what the dentist told me I needed, even with the 20 percent discount they said they were giving me under my discount plan, I could still never afford to have the dental implants done. I am not putting the plan down it just does not work for me. Where can I go to either get free to low cost dental work done?

Reply: Finding an insurance plan that cover for dental implants may be very difficult since most dental insurance plans do not provide benefits on the cost of implants at this time. Receiving a 20% savings on the cost of dental implants under a discount plan is about average so I do not think you will find a higher percentage with any other discount plan at least for the dental implant services. I would suggest going to a dental school or clinic for lower cost dental care services they will normally base their cost to some degree on what you can afford to pay. Yet as far as dental implants I am not sure they provide implant services and if they do you want to make sure on cost as I can not see them providing it for free.

Question: I am looking for dental insurance where I am not paying for my dental services in full to my dentist then having to wait to get my money back from the dental insurance company. Right now that is how my current dental insurance works. I am willing to drop that plan although it does pay out well so that I am not having to foot the complete bill just to get my dental services done. What type of plan will let me do that?

Answer: A dental HMO insurance plan is the type of plan, you may want to review if you want to get dental insurance were you are not filing dental claim, and where you pay the amount shown for dental services within the plan. Dental HMO are fee based plans, showing you your cost for all the different dental services covered under that plan. This type of plan lets you know what your cost for each service covered. You do not have to file claims because the dentist is charging you based on the fee schedule.

Many health insurance plans offer though work dose not provide dental insurance benefits those that dose often reimburses too little to make dental care more affordable to it members. Therefore people still do not visit their dentist like they should do to low benefits. However there are many dental insurance and plan options still available to individuals, couples and families that can be bought directly. If you do not have dental insurance or feel like the plan you do have dose not offer you the benefits you may be looking for, then compare our plans today. Buy a dental insurance or plan that will better fit you and or your family dental care needs. By having a good dental insurance plan you are more likely to make and keep needed dental care appointments.

If you are shopping out your current dental insurance plan or looking to buy a new dental insurance plan you have come to the right website in order to explore all your dental insurance and plan options. Depending on the state you live in we have up to 45 different plans choices ranging from HMO’s Insurance to Dental Discount plans, and PPO’s to free choice of providers (Indemnity) insurance plans. These plans are offer though several different companies too, in order to provide you with more options so you can choose the best plan that fits your dental care needs.

Our website provides you with free dental insurance and dental discount plan quotes so that you can compare dental plans and choose the one the best fits you or your family dental care needs. Having a broad range of the insurance and plan options will provide you with more choices and benefit options that will be able to fit your personal dental care needs. Just enter your zip code in the quote box provided so you can review the dental insurance and plan options that are available to you in your area. If you should have any questions about any of our dental plan options please call our member service line at 310-534-3444 M-F 8am-5pm Pacific time.

Our website it lets you compare multiple dental insurance plan from lower cost plans HMO insurance plans and dental discount plans. As well as Dental PPO’s and Free choice of providers plans called indemnity dental insurance plans. Not only do we provide different plan types depending on the state you are in but we provide our dental plan and insurance options though may different companies.  Letting you comparison shop several plans at once. to review the dental insurance and plan options that are available to you in your area just enter your zip code in the quote box provided.


Generally cost assistance only applies to major medical coverage and not dental plans. However if you get a marketplace plan that includes dental insurance, it will only have one premium which Premium Tax credits can be applied to. You cannot apply Tax Credits to a stand-alone dental plan.

Dental discount plans are a low cost alternative to dental insurance.

With a dental discount plan cost can normally run around $7.95 – $9.95 a month for an individual and $9.95 – $15.00 a month for families. These low cost discount plans provide saving off of all your dental care needs done by a plan provider. There are no savings for dentist that are not providers of the plan so making sure there is a dentist in the dental discount plan you may want to have is very important. Check our all our dental discount plan options along with our dental insurance plans and choose which may best fit your dental care needs.

Here is a quick summary of what you need to know about dental, your rights, and how cost sharing works on dental plans:

* A child must be offered dental, but you don’t have to take it.

* If you have dental coverage through the Marketplace it will typically have a maximum of $700 for a child or $1,400 for a family.

* Adults don’t have to be offered dental. However, many Marketplace plans offer dental as part of the plan, or as a standalone. You can’t cancel dental that is part of your plan, so keep this in mind.

* If dental is part of your plan, you can still use cost assistance to lower your plan costs.

* Even with cost assistance, when you reach the maximum,you typically pay 100% of the costs for dental work. This is the opposite of health insurance under the ACA where you pay 0% after your maximum. So don’t be confused by that.

* Oral surgery may be covered by medical insurance in some specific cases, but generally it doesn’t cover non-medically necessary procedures.

* Dental works best for routine care, it is uncommon to find any insurance that covers major dental work past a certain dollar amount. (“The Dental Gap”?)

Dental Insurance Plans – The Basics of Understanding Dental Insurance

Similar to medical insurance plans, dental insurance plans are often categorized as either Indemnity or managed-care plans.  Dental insurance is intended to help offset the costs associated with dental care.

Dental Insurance Plan Choices – Indemnity Plan

An indemnity dental insurance plan allows you to select your own dentist.  Dental insurance plans differ in the level of reimbursement offered for certain procedures and in annual dental spending caps.  Dental insurance plans play a big role in helping people cope with dental health care without the exceedingly high costs.  Dental health is extremely important for individuals and families and it’s financially helpful to have some form of dental coverage to minimize the costs of dental care.

It is our pledge to provide individuals and families with the easiest way to compare and purchase affordable, quality family and individual dental insurance and discount protection.  In fact, we offer you a guarantee that the individual or group dental insurance plan you purchase today will satisfy your dental needs.  We continue to grow and expand the offerings as the nation’s leading Internet source of quality individual and family dental insurance and discount protection.  Discount dental plans are dental insurance alternatives that offer attractive dental care savings.

Do Dental Insurance Plans Require You to Wait

Many dental insurance plans require you to wait for your treatments to have certain procedures such as root canals and braces completed.  Discount dental plans are dental insurance alternatives that offer attractive dental care savings.  With the extremely high cost associated with most dental procedures outside of normal cleanings and x-rays, you may also find it beneficial to purchase additional dental insurance to supplement the coverage you already have.

Although they are becoming increasingly rare, indemnity dental insurance plans are also still available and provide the freedom to choose the dentist of your choice at a higher out-of-pocket expense.  Most individual dental insurance plans tend to emphasize preventive dental care, because it lowers costs in the long-run caused by poor dental hygiene and lack of regular check-ups and cleanings.

Our dental web site is very clear if you are selecting a dental insurance plan or a dental discount plan.  We understand that there are many dental plan web sites popping-up all over the internet, claiming to offer “dental insurance” when in fact they do not and are not licensed to offer a dental insurance plan.  Our entire staff is licensed to offer, sell and service dental insurance.  With our dental insurance plans for you and your family, we can help make it easier to keep your smile healthy.

Did you know that dental insurance, for the most part, is not covered under the Affordable Care Act? However, children’s dental coverage is a required benefit included on all Affordable Care Act compliant plans and cost assistance can be applied to any Marketplace plan that includes dental. Although Dental is not a required benefit of the Affordable Care Act, it is certainly an important aspect of health and wellness.

Many people are starting to find the cost of dental care unfordable, therefore people that feel this way will tend to put off their dental care needs. Yet by deferring your dental care you run a greater risk of having to have larger more costly dental care services in the future. Dental insurance helps to reduce your dental care cost making dental care more affordable. Studies show that people with dental insurance are more likely to make and keep their twice a year check ups and maintain their preventive care. Good preventive dental care will also reduce your risk of having larger dental care needs.

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