Question: I am currently shopping for dental insurance and want to stay with my current dentist. I asked the front office what dental insurance plans are acceptable, and they said that they accept the Delta Dental insurance plan. Still, the problem is that I discovered several Delta Dental products/plans when searching Delta Dental. Which one would my dentist take? 

Answer: Yes, Delta Dental offers several different plans, from HMOs, PPOs, and indemnity insurance plans. Only the HMO plan is a plan where your dentist needs to be a provider of the plan for you to receive the plan benefits, as you have to choose a plan provider. 

With that said, PPOs and Indemnity dental insurance plans are plan types that let you choose your dentist. PPOs have a provider list and may reduce benefits if you decide to go to a dentist who is not a plan provider but can still pick or stay with your current dentist. With a PPO just read the plan coverages so you know what your benefits are if your dentist is not a provider of the PPO plan option.

With an Indemnity dental insurance plan, there is no plan provider list. You can go to any dentist you want. These plan types typically run a little more costly than a PPO plan. 

Regarding the Delta Dental plans we offer, call our member service line at 310-534-3444, and we will be happy to go over our Delta Dental opinions so you can choose the one that best fits your dental care needs.