Question: My husband and I just had our son a seven weeks ago. A coarse he is current on our major medical but our dental is separate.  Since clearly he had no teeth yet, I see no point in adding him to our dental insurance plan right now.  At what point would it typically make sense to do so?  

Answer: When you add your son to your dental plan can depend on a few factors. Such as, some pediatric dentists want to see your child as young as one year old to check their gums/whatever teeth they may have. Where as now more and more pediatric dentist say a baby should see a dentist at the sign of their first tooth which can be as soon a six to eight months of age.  

Also you may want to check with your dental insurance plan. Confirm if their is any waiting periods that would effect the dental services provided for you son since he would be newly added to the plan.  If so you may want to add him sooner then latter to burn down his waiting periods.  Finally, be mindful of those enrollment windows and don’t miss them. If you or your wife are at all forgetful in any way, the peace of mind might be worth the incremental cost.