Question: I am in need of a low cost dental insurance plan for my daughter. My daughter is six years old and is missing a tooth. The dentist told us that at this point it does not look like she will be getting an adult tooth either. I was informed that when she looses all her baby teeth she will need to get braces in. Right now I am paying for a space maintainer. But once her adult teeth come in she will need an implant. You can see were her dental cost are getting higher and higher. I really need help with the increasing cost I am going to have with my daughter dental health care.

Answer: You may want to get a second option about her not having an adult tooth to replace the baby tooth that may have came out too soon. Most dental insurance plans at this time do not offer benefits for dental implants. Though getting dental insurance for you and your daughter is a good idea. The sooner the better since dental plans like PPO or Indemnity dental insurance plans have waiting periods for basic and major dental services. If cost is an issue you may want to review any of our HMO insurance options. HMO insurance plans are the lower cost dental insurance option, however you will need to choose a dentist in their provider network. This may mean having to change current dentist if your current providers do not on any HMO plans. I suggest reviewing our dental insurance plan options just by entering in your zip code in the quote box provided. After reviewing any of our dental insurance plans, if you have any questions call our member service line at 310-534-3444 as they will be happy to assist you with the available plan options provided on our website.