Putting aside dental worries of gum disease and tooth decay there are other dental problems that many people are unaware of. Here are three major way how tooth can wear down. Bruxism or teeth grinding also refer to as attrition: Bruxism can be brought on by stress. You can also grind or clench teeth while you sleep, one way of preventing damage to your teeth is by wearing a night guard.

Tooth Erosion: Dental erosion is caused by acid. There can be many food and drinks that are highly acidic and can cause the tooth enamel and dentine to brake down or erode. There are also health issues that can use acid such as acid reflux. To try and prevent tooth erosion you will want to do your best to limit your exposure to acidic foods and drinks. Chewing sugar-free gum can help to dilute acidity by increasing saliva flow. Tooth

Abrasion: Tooth abrasion can be cause by hard bristle tooth brush but even soft bristled brush can be harmful and cause tooth abrasion. Brushing correctly is recommended in order to reduce tooth abrasion. Though dental can repare tooth abrasion damage by dental bonding