I do not have any major issues with my teeth. However, just to have a dental check up, X-rays and cleaning without insurance is costing me over $200.00 I am just looking for a cheap low cost dental insurance plan for an individual. Something that will pay for my office visit, X-rays and cleaning’s 100 percent. The rest I do not care about since I take really good care of my teeth. I really do not see me worrying about having to have any need for major dental work.

Reply: You have a few options, you may want to review an HMO dental insurance plan. Dental HMO plans are normally the lower cost dental insurance option ranging around $10.00 – $20.00 a month for and individual. Most dental HMO plans offer preventive care such as two cleaning a year, office visits and X-rays for free. With and HMO dental insurance plan you will need to choose a dentist within their network of providers. However, if you are wanting to keep your current dentist, there are lower cost PPO plans that only offer preventive services or preventive services and fillings coverages. However it is important to note buying this type of plan, it will not provide benefits beyond check ups, x-rays, cleaning’s and in some cases fillings. Therefore if you where to have larger dental care needs you will not have any coverage.