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Many children like to be able to show their independence by doing tasks, such as brushing their teeth, on their own. Even if your child is still not correctly brushing you should let them brush their teeth either before or after you have correctly brushed their teeth.  This can be done in steps in a way to teach your child how to brush correctly. Letting them have some time to brush their teeth too may make it fun for them. More a child wants to brush their teeth the better. By the time your child is around six they should be able to correctly brush their teeth on their own. When you are confident that your child is capable of brushing alone, you may want to buy an timer and time your child’s brushing to make sure they are brushing for the recommended two minutes. Do a final inspection of your child mouth. This gives you a chance to check for any teeth that have been missed, visually show your child the area and demonstrate how he should brush in that area too.  And remember to praise your child on a job well done.

Did you know that cheese can help you protect your child teeth from tooth decay? By offering your child a piece of cheese after a meal or snack the cheese helps neutralizing the harmful acids from the mouth. In addition, cheese helps to make tooth enamel stronger and becoming a perfect barrier that will protect from tooth caries.

Babies can start teething as soon as three months but normally for most babies teething beings around six to seven months. The first teeth that will usually appear will be the lower incisors (front teeth). As your child grows and develop more teeth, you can use a toothbrush that is designed for your child’s age. Avoid using toothpaste that contains fluoride until your child is old enough to understand that swallowing the toothpaste should be avoided.

Oral hygiene is just as important to infants as to children and adults. Even though a baby may not have teeth you still need to provide for daily oral hygiene for your infant. Infants require daily oral hygiene, because the tissues in the mouth require cleansing to prevent irritation and infection. Thrush is a treatable fungal infection caused by yeast that often appears in areas of the mouth that may have torn tissue, due to the constant sucking of a pacifier, bottle, or during breastfeeding. The tiny tears remain moist, and if not removed, the yeast can cause this painful condition.

It is estimated that the average American drinks nearly 600 cans of soda person per year. Studies shown that soft drinks is a causing factor to adult’s and children’s tooth decay. The problem with soda in regards to dental health is that many sodas contain acids and sugars that could erode tooth enamel over time. Even diet soda contain phosphoric acid and/or citric acid and still cause dental erosion — though considerably less than their sugared counterparts. According to researchers from the University of Maryland Baltimore Dental School, drinks that especially aggressive to erode tooth enamel are light-colored soda (such as Sprite and Mountain Dew) and canned iced tea (such as Arizona Iced Tea) If you are a soda drinker root beer products did the least damage. Other safer drinks for teeth would be water, brewed black tea, and black coffee all showed minimal tooth enamel damage. Another helpful tip to soft drink, drinkers would be to drink soda out of a straw which will help to reduce soda’s contact with your teeth.

Many parents try and limit the amount of soda their child drinks, but sports drinks can be just as harmful to their children’s teeth. Most sports drinks are quite acidic (pH 3-4) and if taken to excess, may lead to dental erosion and demineralization. One study found that 57% of 11-14 year-olds had evidence of some dental erosion.

In Washington a two and a half year old had to under go dental surgery, after dental x-rays showed that 11 of his 20 baby teeth had cavities. The pediatric dentist extracted two incisors, performed a root canal on a molar, and gave the rest fillings and crowns. The child parents did not even worry about brushing their child teeth until they notice his teeth were starting to become discolored.

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If your child is fussy about brushing their teeth is can be that they do not care for the taste of the toothpaste in use. There are many kid friendly toothpaste that may make your child want to brush or brush longer. Colgate has Colgate Kids in strawberry as well as watermelon flavors. Crest toothpaste offers a bubblegum flavor. There are other toothpaste that taste like ice cream. These flavor toothpaste may help making brushing their teeth much easier. However keep in mind that like any other toothpaste they are to still be kept out of reach of small children and use only for brushing their teeth and not for eating.

It is never good to do anything in excess, when it comes to whitening your teeth dentist warns that over bleaching your teeth could harm your health. Dental health professionals have coined the term Bleachorexia to describe a person with an addictive obsession with bleaching their teeth to the point that it’s affecting their dental heath. Beaching your teeth correctly can provide you with a smile you want. However over use of over the counter whitening product can damage your oral health. Bleaching your teeth excessively can actually cause them to get translucent, and make them look even less white. Other risk of obsessive bleaching include hypersensitivity (making your teeth more sensitive) Oral Irritation and tooth enamel erosion.

A dental abscess begins as a tooth infection or cavity and can turn into an infection of the mouth, face, jaw, or throat if left untreated. Bacteria form tooth decay can extend into the gums, cheek and throat, beneath the tongue, or even into the jaw or facial bones. Periodontal abscesses are the result of an infection that has moved deeper into gum areas, and a periapical abscess refers to a tooth with an infection of the pulp. With a dental abscess you may notice pus collecting at the infection site. Normally the condition will become more painful until the abscess either ruptures and drains on its own or is drained surgically. Dental abscesses can also make you generally ill, with nausea, vomiting, fevers, chills, and sweats. Anyone who thinks they may have a dental abscess should see a dentist right away.

Whitening you teeth at home with Over The Counter Teeth-Whitening Kits. There are many over the counter teeth whitening products that are available. Teeth whitening strips are what some dentist will advise if you are going to whiten your teeth at home, since you are less likely to swallow bleach or damage your gums with those type if whitening products. Over the counter whitening products are normally the least expensive teeth whitening option however a down side is the bleaching solution used in over-the-counter products may be too mild to yield dramatic results or to whiten severely stained teeth.

Dental sealants are a kind of protective coating, which is made up of tinted or transparent plastic. It then painted onto the chewing areas of the back teeth, where the possibility of cavity formation is more in comparison to other regions of the teeth. The major use of sealants is on children’s teeth in order to prevent cavities at an early age. They are not only effective in function but are affordable and normally covered by dental insurance as preventive treatment. Dental sealants cost much less than the amount spent on having filling due to cavities.

Many health insurance plans offer though work dose not provide dental insurance benefits those that dose often reimburses too little to make dental care more affordable to it members. Therefore people still do not visit their dentist like they should do to low benefits.  However there are many dental insurance and plan options still available to individuals, couples and families that can be bought directly.  If you do not have dental insurance or feel like the plan you do have dose not offer you the benefits you may be looking for, then compare our plans today. Buy a dental insurance or plan that will better fit you and or your family dental care needs.  By having a good dental insurance plan you are more likely to make and keep needed dental care appointments. 

If you are shopping out your current dental insurance plan or looking to buy a new dental insurance plan you have come to the right website in order to explore all your dental insurance and plan options. Depending on the state you live in we have up to 45 different plans choices ranging from HMO’s Insurance to Dental Discount plans, and PPO’s to free choice of providers (Indemnity) insurance plans. These plans are offer though several different companies too, in order to provide you with more options so you can choose the best plan that fits your dental care needs.

Question: Do you have any dental PPO plans that also come with vision benefits?   

Answer: Our dental insurance websit at has a few dental PPO insurance options. You can also visit our vision website at Our vision  website offers individual vision plans. This way you can also review all our PPO insurance plan options and if it dose not come with vision, you can choose to buy vision as well on our vision website. 

CMS is working to further the mission to improve the quality of healthcare for hospice beneficiaries through measurement, transparency and public reporting of data. HQRP and CMS’s other quality reporting programs, are foundational for contributing to improvements in healthcare, enhancing patient outcomes, and informing consumer choice. One of the first areas CMS has identified relative to improving our digital strategy is through the use of Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR)-based standards to exchange clinical information through application programming interfaces (APIs), allowing providers to digitally submit quality information one time that can then be used in many ways. CMS believes that advancing our work with use of these programs standard offers the potential for supporting quality improvements and reporting which will improve care for our beneficiaries.

Education and Exams for Oral Cancer Awareness Month April was Oral Cancer Awareness Month, and about 40,000 people in the United States are diagnosed with oral cancer every year. One person dies from this affliction very hour of every day. The outlook doesn’t have to be bleak, though. Along with seeing your medical doctor, dentist can also do oral cancer screenings. Ask your dentist about oral cancer screenings many dentist provide such service for free.

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