Question: So I was reviewing your dental insurance plans.  I am a signal dad and my son lives with me for most of the year.  We are in TX and I would like to get a dental insurance plan for him.  I really do not care about the monthly cost as long as it is a good dental insurance plan that will be able to take care of any future dental needs my son may have.  It it helps to know he had really good teeth at this point in time.  Can you tell me your best plan is.   

Answer: What would be the best insurance plan would be based on your own dental care needs. Such as if you do not want any waiting periods you may wish to review our HMO or dental discount plan options. However with these options you do have to choose a dentist in the plan network of providers.    

If you are wanting to stay with or choose your own dentist then you may prefer a dental PPO plan that provides that option.  Call our member service line at 310-534-3444 go over your needs and they will be able to help pick the “best” plan for you and your son.