Question: I not completely sure but I think I may have an abscessed tooth.  I Medicare Card Replacement do not current have dental insurance and with the cost of dental care I been putting off going to the dentist because I do not have the money for treatment.  Not sure what I can do but I am having some pain issues now.

Answer: Sadly deferring dental care is never a good idea since as you can see it generally only leads to larger and yes more costly dental care treatment.  Yet you still have some options left too you.

1) you can buy a low cost dental discount plan. They run around $10.00 a month. These plans will help reduce your dental care cost at plan providers.  They also normally are effective the next business day which is important since you should see a dentist right away before your infection start to spread and cause not only oral health issues but over all health problems.

2) You can buy a lower cost HMO insurance plan like a discount plan you will need to go to plan providers but they normally will not have any plan waiting periods which is what you will want. However generally they are not effective until the next month of the month you are buying it in. Though they all have different cut off dates so make sure you know before buying the effective date so you can make a dental appointment right away.

3) You can see about going to a dental school.  If you have any local dental schools near you this is a good way to get much lower cost dental care.  However, you may not be able to get in right way so that is something you will need to look into.

4) See if there are any dental clinics near you. Generally dental clinics provide their dental treatment services at a lower cost.  Sometime their prices are based on what you can afford to pay.