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Dental sealants are a kind of protective coating, which is made up of tinted or transparent plastic. It then painted onto the chewing areas of the back teeth, where the possibility of cavity formation is more in comparison to other regions of the teeth. 

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Hot Tea May Increase the Risk of Throat Cancer.   

According to studies done in Britain drinking extremely hot tea every day may increase your chance of getting throat cancer.    Another study done in Iran, which reportedly has the largest number of oesophageal cancer patients, shows the results of research done on a big group of 871 people. It was noticed that around 300 people who drank more than a litre of extremely hot black tea in a day were diagnosed with cancer  The study shown that this group had the habit of drinking hot tea above 65 degrees putting them in the high risk zone compared to the others who preferred warm tea below 65 degrees. It was also noticed that those who drank hotter tea, above 70 degrees, bettered their chances of acquiring throat cancer.

Laser teeth whitening is normally done in three 20-minute bleaching treatments.  With laser teeth whitening treatments you are able to walk out of the dental office with your teeth a lot brighter.  With laser bleaching, a barrier is put around the gums and a strong bleach is put on your teeth.  A laser light is used to activate the bleach to make it work.  A down side of laser teeth whitening treatments can be the cost since laser whitening is the most expensive of the teeth-whitening options available.

TMJ or temporomandibular joint disorders often poorly understood even by many of it sufferers.  However failure to fully understand what TMJ is can also prevent people from receiving proper diagnosis and care.    

TMJ, is a disorders that can affect the proper alignment of your jaw. Even though millions of Americans currently suffer from TMJ, it remains a commonly undiagnosed disorder. This is largely due to the fact that the symptoms of TMJ can be similar to other disorders. In some cases, the symptoms of TMJ may seem entirely unrelated to the jaw joint.   There can be several signs of TMJ within the jaw such as clicking noises when you chew, lockjaw, and tenderness around the cheeks and jaw.

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A Cosmetic dentist can use porcelain dental veneers to fix many dental problems.  Porcelain veneers are a durable cosmetic treatment that conceals visible imperfections of your teeth, letting you have a stunning, flawless smile.    

Porcelain veneers can improve a wide range of cosmetic dental issues, which includes Chipped, Stained, Misshapen, Worn, Gaps between teeth, Unevenly sized teeth, Uneven tooth length, and Crooked teeth. The only way to know if veneers are right for you is to consult a cosmetic dentist. There are some dental insurance plan that will over benefits for veneers as well as low cost dental discount plans. 

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When you are facing an emergency dental situation, it is best that you have prompt, effective emerge ncy dental care.  Emergency dental situations can quickly  deteriorate and result in additional problems and even hospitalization. 

When choosing and emergency dentist you want to make sure they offer 24/7 emergency dental care.  See if the emergency dentist offer CEREC restorations.  If the dentist offers this chair-side option it means he/she is on top of current technology that can make your dental visit more comfortable and effective.  Look at the dentist qualifications It is preferable to find a dentist who has several years of experience helping people in emergency situations.

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Dental problems are not uncommon and everyone is vulnerable.  Although with that say you an also protect your oral health by sticking to a good oral hygiene routine.   

To help prevent the common dental problems such as cavities, proper oral hygiene is important. Brushing twice a day and flossing once a day reduces plaque on your teeth. Gum disease is the leading cause of adult tooth loss. Gum disease is caused by infection and inflammation of the gums. 

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According to a Metlife study done over half of parents surveyed, (60%), stated their kids do eat sugary foods at least once a day. Though parents should consider how often their children are eating sugary snacks, and if parents cannot brush their child’s teeth after eating a such a snack, to at least rinse with water.  

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According to the Surgeon General, tooth decay is the single most common childhood disease.

According to the office of the Surgeon General, tooth decay is five times more common than asthma and seven times more common than hay fever. Parents should speak to their pediatricians to learn more about how their child’s oral health can affect their overall health.  With the help of a dentist, parents can take a few simple steps to introduce healthy oral hygiene habits to their children’s at a young age and help  protect their teeth.

A study done by MetLife reveals many parents are not following recommended guidelines for brushing, flossing, and other dental care habits for optimal pediatric oral health.    

The report goes on to state that 23% of surveyed parents, have been told by a dentist or hygienist that their child was at risk for tooth decay.  That nearly half (47%) of the parents surveyed have not spoken to their pediatrician about their child’s teeth and that they may not be making the connection between their child’s oral health and their overall health care.  According to the study, 42% of respondents report that their child’s teeth or gums are brushed once a day or less, and nearly half, 45%, say their child’s teeth are never flossed.

Smoking linked to poor oral health. According the report put out by the National Center for Health Statistics, not only are smokers four times more likely as those who have never smoked to have poor oral health status, but they are twice as likely to have had three or more oral health problems.

Having cosmetic dentistry services is not just for celebrities and or the wealthy.  With cosmetic dentistry going mainstream, Just about every dentist does at least some cosmetic dentistry procedures.    

Cosmetic dentistry can help from subtle changes to major oral surgery, there are a host of cosmetic dentistry techniques that can treat teeth that are discolored, chipped, misshapen, or missing. Talk to your dentist to see what is best for you and your dental needs. 

Although there are many do-it-yourself teeth bleaching kits you can get for whitening your teeth, some of these teeth whitening systems are known to damage your tooth enamel and not provide the whitening you may want to have.  There are benefits that professional teeth whitening will have for you. Most professional dentist will guarantees results. 

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 Plaque can build up on seniors teeth very quickly, because of that seniors need to maintain good oral hygiene habits.  Daily brushing and flossing is very important in reducing plaque build up.  Since seniors have a higher risk of gum disease, making sure plaque does not build up is essential in oral health care. 

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Oral health care is important regardless of age. However for seniors they are at a higher risk for oral health care issues. The advancing age put many senior at risk for a number of dental care issues such as Dry Mouth, Darkened teeth, and Tooth Loss due to Gum disease. Age even has an effect on how denture will fit over time. For proper dental care some seniors may have to see a dentist more then just twice a year, in order to maintain their dental health.

Dental HMO plans are normally a more affordable dental care insurance plan then your PPO dental insurance plans. They also have few limitations the many PPO plans. However one limitation that dental HMO plans come with is that there is no out side dental network. Under a dental HMO plan you have to choose a dentist that in the plan network of dental providers. So if trying to stay with a current dentist make sure you know a head of time if they are providers of any HMO dental insurance plans.

Our mouth is home to thousands of germs and bacteria so is there any wonder that our breath may not be so fresh from time to time.  Food and drinks can have an immediate effect on our breath though not normally long lasting.   

What you should take note of is when you have bad breath that lasts more then a day or keeps coming back shortly after brushing your teeth.  Bad breath can be a sign of other oral issues, such as tooth decay, gum disease or dry mouth. See a dentist if you are worried about what you bad breath may be telling you.

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