Question: I have a teen currently in braces but we moved from FL and need to find a new orthodontic dentist.   Also I just found out since I moved to a different state my dental insurance is not valid in CA so I need dental insurance that will help me cover the orthodontic treatment my son.  

Answer: You may find it hard to find dental insurance for your son orthodontic services since now he would fall under a work in progress exclusion many dental insurance plans have. Such exclusion would read something like this: Expenses incurred in connection with any dental procedure started prior to the effective date of Coverage or after the termination date of Coverage.   

Even many dental discount plans have this type of exclusion yet since it is not insurance that can be a judgment call for the dental office to make. Therefore your best option may be a dental discount plan but make sure you call the plan providers first to confirm if they are will to still provide the discount saving for this continue orthodontic care needs before buying the plan.

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