Dental Fears: I have large dental fears so I can not go to just any general dentist since even for just a cleaning I need to have a specialist knock me out. Because of my dental fears, I have to pay more money for my dental services which my current dental insurance will not cover, since they will only cover me on UCR for general dental prices. Where can I get a dental insurance that will insured for specialist? I try explaining to my dental insurance that I do not see a specialist just to have it cost more but they state it does not matter it is up to me where I go and the coverages are what I get if I go to a specialist for my fears.

Reply: You may want to review a dental discount plan. With a dental discount plan you will save at least 20% off the cost of any plan specialist. Compare the benefits you current receive and see if that is better or worse then saving 20% with a dental discount plan. You also may want to try weaning your self off of going to a dental specialist all the time. There are great general dentist that deal well with people that have dental fears. At least may be get the simple things done at a general dentist.

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