There has been a lot in the news in the last several months about food recalls and the resulting illnesses from eating those foods. By paying attention to the news or signing up for recall alerts, we can make sure we’re all aware of what products we should avoid. But food borne illnesses can also result from eating foods that haven’t necessarily been recalled. The FDA released a great video full of tips on how to prevent food borne illness during your trip to the grocery store.

Did you know that cans that are cracked, bulging or have dents in them could be a sign that food has been contaminated? I had no clue and I usually don’t pay that close attention to the can’s condition. I just usually grab one in the front and throw it in my shopping cart.

The video also recommends shopping for meats, eggs and frozen items last. I remember my mom doing that when I was a little kid because she didn’t want those products to go bad while she was still shopping.

Some of the other tips include placing raw meat in plastic bags, inspecting fruit for spots or bruises and bagging fresh produce separately from meats and fish at checkout to avoid cross contamination.

I know just out of habit that I follow some of these guidelines, but I could definitely be better about others.