I think the American Dietetic Association was pretty smart choosing March to be National Nutrition Monthfruit

They were sure to stick it right between the months of winter-induced comfort food and bathing suit ready days of summertime.

In the spirit of trying to undo the damage over three feet of snow causes, I’m using National Nutrition Month as a kickoff for making better food choices.  To be fair, my dietary habits aren’t terrible, but could certainly use some tweaking. And by “tweaking” I mean, I’ve really got to start eating vegetables. I’m pretty good about getting plenty of fruit in during the day- banana for breakfast, berries in my yogurt, apples for snack (don’t judge the slathering of peanut butter on top).

My veggie intake pretty much consists of corn on the cob during the summer, and lettuce for my salads and sandwiches. Seriously, that sums it up. I’m not going to touch squash, broccoli, or green beans, so don’t waste your time or energy. But, what are some tips for sneaking other veggies into your daily routine? I hear a lot of people puree vegetables for recipes. Does that work for you?