Picture of a DoctorLast week, one of our frequent commenters, Thomas, suggested we post on the health care bill President Obama signed into law last month. Thomas says there’s a lot of information in the news about the bill and he was hoping that we could just give the “facts” about the law.

There are major provisions of the health care insurance bill that begin immediately but it is hard for me to tell you how the law will impact each of you without knowing your specific health insurance situation. Also keep in mind that some of the provisions will take the Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) four years to implement.

What I have been able to do is put together a list of resources where you can begin to research how the law will affect you. The White House has set up separate web pages with frequently asked questions for people in different health insurance situations. I would suggest you start at the webpage with information on the situation that applies to you. Your choices are: I have insurance through my work, I own a small business, I have medicare, I buy my own insurance and I do not have health insurance. Second, our National Contact Center created a web resource for our contact center agents that has a number of resources about the law.

Finally, HHS has created Healthreform.gov where you can find information about implementation of the health care law. You can sign up to get email updates about the ongoing implementation of the health insurance law and most importantly you can email them your questions.

How else can I help you learn about the new health insurance law?