Dealing with Dental plans that have maximum benefits.

When you have a dental PPO or Free choice of prior plan you normally have a annual dollar maximum benefit per person per year. You want to try and pick a plan with the maximum dollar benefit that works will for current and future dental needs. However there are times when you may need to have larger dental care services that exceed your dollar maximum limitation in a given year. As part of dental planning, you will want to consult with your dentists and, if possible, delay work that would push costs over what you are covered for by our dental plan.

For an example if your dental insurance works on a calendar year basis (Jan – Jan) You could start dental service towards the end of the year and finish in the being of next in order not to exceed you maximum limitation for your dental care. The same is done if your plan is subject to other start and end dates you only need to know this time frame. Call your dental insurance to find our prior to having larger dental issues address.

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