Many children like to be able to show their independence by doing tasks, such as brushing their teeth, on their own. Even if your child is still not correctly brushing you should let them brush their teeth either before or after you have correctly brushed their teeth.  This can be done in steps in a way to teach your child how to brush correctly. Letting them have some time to brush their teeth too may make it fun for them. More a child wants to brush their teeth the better. By the time your child is around six they should be able to correctly brush their teeth on their own. When you are confident that your child is capable of brushing alone, you may want to buy an timer and time your child’s brushing to make sure they are brushing for the recommended two minutes. Do a final inspection of your child mouth. This gives you a chance to check for any teeth that have been missed, visually show your child the area and demonstrate how he should brush in that area too.  And remember to praise your child on a job well done.

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