Tooth Brush Tips Choosing and maintaining your tooth brush tips.

1) When choosing a toothbrush you want to pick one with soft or extra soft bristle. The hard the brush bristles, the greater the risk of harming your teeth and gums. Therefore unless advised by your dentist soft bristled toothbrushes are the better pick.

2) Another good tip is to make sure you pick a toothbrush that has the seal of approval by the American Dental Association. 

3) Keep in mind the type of brush you use is not nearly as important as brushing the right way and twice a day. Any approved toothbrush will be a good tool, but you have to know how to use it.  

4) Change your toothbrush regularly. Throw away your old toothbrush after three months or when the bristles start to flare, whichever comes first. 

5) If you notice that your toothbrush bristles flare sooner than every three months, It may be that you are brushing too hard. Therefore try easing up.

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