Question: I am a minor with yellowish looking teeth.  I hate to smile because I do not have white teeth and my mom will not pay to have my teeth whiten at the dentist.  I also ask to use whiten strips but she says she was told they can make your teeth sensitive and would prefer for me not too. Is that true? And can I still buy them if I am a minor.   

Answer: Your mother is correct. Whiten strips can make your teeth sensitive. You may wish to find a product that has a lower dosage, or use them for a shorter time. If you find your teeth are getting sensitive to the strips you may wish to stop treatment for a while.  

However that being said, it is still something your mother would need to approve of before you go ahead and use any whiten strips. Maybe ask your mother if you can first start off with using a toothpaste product with whiten. I not addressing weather or not you can still buy them since I would suggest not going behind your mother back and do what she told you no to already.

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