Question: I have old partials and I would like news one but I need dental insurance first. So I am looking at the plans but do not know where to find dentures and partial coverage’s information on the fee schedule when reviewing an HMO insurance plan. I want to make sure I would have coverage for what I need.

Answer: Dentures can normally be found under the Prosthetics services. I have taken the time to list some ADA codes for dentures hope it helps you. 
5110/5120 Complete upper or lower denture
5130/5140 Immediate upper or lower denture
5211/5212 Upper or lower partial denture, resin base
5213/5214 Upper or lower partial denture, cast metal
framework with resin denture bases
5410/5411 Adjust denture
5421/5422 Adjust partial denture
5820/5821 Interim partial denture, upper or lower

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