Question: My son is thirteen and I was told by his dentist that I should be looking into getting him braces.  He has a big over bite that the dentist said I should have fixed. I do have dental insurance though my job but it really does not cover much for braces only $200.00 a year so that is not much at all.   I am wanting a dental insurance plan that covers more for the cost of braces that I could buy just for my son. Is there anything like that I could get for him?

Answer: You may want to review our dental HMO insurance plans that have set cost for braces which you may want to review and see if that way is more affordable for you. Either that or review our dental discount plans that will save you 20 percent off the cost of any type of braces. This should work out to more then just $200.00 and both plan types have no waiting periods for braces.

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