Sliced tomatoes with yogurt and sprinklesMy friend’s 6-year-old daughter wanted to be Bobby Flay one morning and created a new snack: tomato with yogurt and sprinkles. I love the fact that this little girl got an idea in her head and created a brand new snack all on her own. Hey producers of The Next Food Network Star – she is one to watch!

Six years old is a great time to start teaching kids to cook, but you could start even younger. has a great section for preschoolers. They have suggestions on different activities that 2- to 5-year-olds can do in the kitchen.

Give kids small jobs to do. Moms and dads, we could always give up something from
our to-do list. Remind your kids that all great chefs wash their hands and thank them for being so helpful. The more kids help with preparing a meal, the less likely they are to reject the food.

My son likes to help make mac and cheese from the box – ok, so it’s not real cheese. He likes to pour the pasta in the water, stir and mix in the powder cheese. It makes him feel grown up and it shows him the importance of a family meal.

Remember food should be fun! There are plenty of kid-friendly
online. What are your favorite kid-friendly meals?

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