After Wisdom Teeth Extractions. After having wisdom teeth or other teeth removed you want to make sure you taking proper care of the area to quickly heal. Make sure you follow the dentist aftercare instructions. The dentist will go over how to take care of your extraction sites. However here are a few Don’t. Do not rinse the area for at least twenty-four hours after having the tooth removed.

Keep your fingers and tongue away form the extraction site. This is tempting but it can not heal if you are poking at it. Try to avoid eating and drinking until all numbing as worn off. You do not want to bite your mouth or tongue. Do not drink though straws because you want to avoid sucking. If you are a smoker, no smoking for at least a day or two. Since smoking can interfere with the healing process, and the sucking motion could dislodge the blood clot at the extraction site needed for healing.