It is estimated that the average American drinks nearly 600 cans of soda person per year. Studies shown that soft drinks is a causing factor to adult’s and children’s tooth decay. The problem with soda in regards to dental health is that many sodas contain acids and sugars that could erode tooth enamel over time. Even diet soda contain phosphoric acid and/or citric acid and still cause dental erosion — though considerably less than their sugared counterparts.  

According to researchers from the University of Maryland Baltimore Dental School, drinks that especially aggressive to erode tooth enamel are light-colored soda (such as Sprite and Mountain Dew) and canned iced tea (such as Arizona Iced Tea)   If you are a soda drinker root beer products did the least damage. Other safer drinks for teeth would be water, brewed black tea, and black coffee all showed minimal tooth enamel damage.  Another helpful tip to soft drink, drinkers would be to drink soda out of a straw which will help to reduce soda’s contact with your teeth.