In Washington a two and a half year old had to under go dental surgery, after dental x-rays showed that 11 of his 20 baby teeth had cavities. The pediatric dentist extracted two incisors, performed a root canal on a molar, and gave the rest fillings and crowns.  

The child parents did not even worry about brushing their child teeth until they notice his teeth were starting to become discolored. They stated they just had too much on their mind to think about brushing his teeth at night. This is not as uncommon as you may first think, According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention they noted an increase, the first in 40 years, in the number of preschoolers with cavities in a study five years ago   

Dentists nationwide are saying they are seeing more preschoolers at all income levels with 6 to 10 cavities or more. With the level of decay, being so severe that they often recommend using general anesthesia because young children are unlikely to sit through such extensive procedures while they are awake.