It drives me nuts when I’m sitting on the train and I can hear the music blaring from another person’s iPod. It’s just plain rude to be playing your music so loudly that it disrupts the rest of the train. But even if those people aren’t considerate of others, shouldn’t they at least care about the damage they are doing to their own hearing?

Studies show that listening to music through headphones at such a loud volume could lead to hearing loss down the road.

Here are some tips on protecting yourself from long term hearing loss.

Turn down the music. Aren’t sure of the ideal volume, check how many decibels the music should be.

Limit your time listening. Cutting back on how long you’re rocking out could help save your ears.

Use ear plugs. If you’re going to be somewhere loud, like a concert or working with power tools, buy a pair of ear plugs to help mute the sound.

If you think you might be experiencing hearing loss, you can take a brief quiz that highlights some of the classic symptoms. Depending on how you answer you may want to visit your doctor for more formal testing.