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Boy with baseball batThe start of spring means the start of Spring Training. The major leaguers start warming up for the season, and it’s not long before little leaguers follow suit. Tons of kids play on youth baseball and softball teams every year and right about now they are in their spring training.

It’s unfortunate then that arm injuries seem to be on the rise in kids who play baseball and softball. And it’s not just some minor muscle soreness researchers are worried about. In one study, they found 68 percent of kids in the study had limited range of motion in their elbow, while almost 85 percent had a tear in the cartilage just above the elbow.

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Medicare covers many of your health care needs. Today’s Medicare is working with private companies approved by Medicare that provide different ways to get your health care and prescription drug coverage in the Medicare Program. The Medicare plan that you choose affects many things like cost, benefits, doctor choice, convenience, and quality.

Your Medicare plan choices include:

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