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Thousands of Americans with disabilities will have housing assistance specifically targeted to meet their needs, according to the departments of Health & Human Services (HHS) and Housing & Urban Development (HUD).  As part of President Obama’s Year of Community Living initiative, HHS and HUD have been working to provide housing support for non-elderly persons with disabilities to live productive, independent lives in their communities rather than in institutional settings. HUD is offering approximately $40 million to public housing authorities across the country to fund nearly 5,300 Housing Choice Vouchers for non-elderly persons with disabilities, allowing them to live independently. 

This information has recently been updated, and can be read by visiting this link:

Center for Housing & New Community Economics (CHANCE)

As a Technical Assistance Center of the Institute on Disability at the University of New Hampshire, CHANCE’s mission is to improve and increase access to integrated, affordable and accessible housing coordinated with, but separate from, personal assistance and supportive services.

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