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TMJ or temporomandibular joint disorders often poorly understood even by many of it sufferers.  However failure to fully understand what TMJ is can also prevent people from receiving proper diagnosis and care.    

TMJ, is a disorders that can affect the proper alignment of your jaw. Even though millions of Americans currently suffer from TMJ, it remains a commonly undiagnosed disorder. This is largely due to the fact that the symptoms of TMJ can be similar to other disorders. In some cases, the symptoms of TMJ may seem entirely unrelated to the jaw joint.   There can be several signs of TMJ within the jaw such as clicking noises when you chew, lockjaw, and tenderness around the cheeks and jaw.

TMJ may also have symptoms including:   Pressure behind the eyes, Ear ringing or vertigo, Frequent migraine, tension, or sinus headaches, Neck aches and Postural problems. Frequently, TMJ is diagnosed during your biannual cleanings and examinations with your dentist

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