Model of a house with a stack of moneyHome, it’s more than brick-and-mortar, wood, or even blocks of ice shaped in a dome! Home is your place, your retreat from the world, your sanctuary for the soul. For me, home is all of those things and toilets to clean, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Everyone should have an opportunity to live in a decent, affordable home. No one should have to worry about being able to find a safe place to live.

On July 12, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) announced that more than $550 million will be made available in housing assistance to very low income elderly and persons with disabilities. The funding will provide interest-free capital advances to non-profit developers so they can produce accessible housing, offer rental assistance, and provide supportive services.

The assistance will be in the form of grants. These grants will fund 169 projects in 46 states. To see what kind of assistance is being provided to your state, you can read a detailed summary of each grant. If you have questions regarding housing assistance for low income elderly and persons with disabilities, or any of HUD’s other programs, you can search for a HUD-approved housing counselor in your state.

If you are not elderly or disabled, but you need housing assistance, you should know there may be a program to help you. The Obama Administration’s Making Home Affordable Program
includes opportunities to modify or refinance your mortgage to make your monthly payments more affordable. It also includes the Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives Program for homeowners who are interested in a short
sale or deed-in-lieu of foreclosure. Check the HUD website to find out if you are eligible for this program or call 1-888-995-HOPE
(4673) for help with the Making Home Affordable Program and to speak with a HUD-approved housing counselor for free.

3 Responses to “Medicare, Elderly, Disabled Housing Assistance”

  • Pamela A. Chait says:

    I am looking for an active/independent adult community in Manhattan or Washington, DC. Can you suggest who I can contact for information? Thank you.

  • Jerry says:

    While we cannot make a specific recommendation have you checked Ingleside at Rock Creek? For 100 years they have been extending high quality in residences, services, amenities, and care to seniors in Washington, D.C. Their retirement community is actually more like a neighborhood, set in a lovely, quiet park yet only moments away from the cosmopolitan lifestyle of the nation’s capital… Let us know what you find.

  • Medicare says:

    CMS is committed to improving access to dental and oral health services for children enrolled in Medicaid and CHIP. We have been making considerable progress in our efforts to ensure that low-income children have access to oral health care. From 2007 to 2011, almost half of all states (24) achieved at least a ten percentage point increase in the proportion of children enrolled in Medicaid and CHIP that received a preventive dental service during the reporting year. Yet, tooth decay remains one of the most common chronic childhood diseases.

    To support continued progress, in 2010 CMS launched the Children’s Oral Health Initiative and set goals for improvement by FFY 2015. To achieve those goals, we have adopted a national oral health strategy through which we are working diligently with states and federal partners, as well as the dental provider community, children’s advocates and other stakeholders to improve children’s access to dental care.

    To support state Medicaid and CHIP programs in achieving their improvement goals, we developed Keep Kids Smiling: Promoting Oral Health Through the Medicaid Benefit for Children and Adolescents. It provides an overview of the children’s dental benefit in Medicaid, support for evidence-based policies at the state level, and details of successful strategies with state examples.

    We are also ramping up our efforts to educate consumers, health care providers and the public about positive oral health practices. Three oral health education materials, with messaging targeted to parents of young children and to pregnant women, are available for download or bulk order. Also available are tips for using the materials.

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