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What if my name changed? If you legally change your name because of marriage, divorce, court order or any other reason, you need to tell Social Security so that you can get a replacement card.

If you are working, also tell your employer. If you do not tell them when your name changes, it may:

  • Delay your tax refund; and
  • Prevent your wages from being posted correctly to your Social Security record, which may lower the amount of your future Social Security benefits.

If you need to change your name on your Social Security card, you must show them a recently issued document as proof of your legal name change. Documents Social Security may accept to prove a legal name change include:

  • Marriage document;
  • Divorce decree specifically stating you may change your name;
  • Certificate of Naturalization showing a new name; or
  • Court order for a name change.

If the documents you provide for a legal name change do not give enough information to identify you, then you also must show two identity documents including:

  • One document in your old name; and
  • A second document with your new legal name.

In addition to your name, these documents must also contain identifying information or a recent photograph.

If you are a U.S. citizen born outside the United States and their records do not show you are a citizen, you will need to provide proof of your U.S. citizenship. If you are not a U.S. citizen, Social Security will ask to see your current immigration documents.

The new card will have the same number as your previous card, but will show your new name.

30 Responses to “Change Name On Medicare Card – How too?”

  • admin says:

    You need to contact one of the local medicare offices near you for assistance. To change the information on your Social Security number record (i.e., a name or citizenship change, or corrected date of birth) you must provide documents to prove your identity, support the requested change, and establish the reason for the change. For example, you may provide a birth certificate to show your correct date of birth. A document supporting a name change must be recent and identify you by both your old and new names. If the name change event occurred over two years ago or if the name change document does not have enough information to prove your identity, you must also provide documents to prove your identity in your prior name and/or in some cases your new legal name. If you were born outside the U.S. you must provide a document to prove your U.S. citizenship or current lawful, work-authorized status. See page 2 for an explanation of acceptable documents.

  • I signed up for Medicare by telephone December of 2010.
    I received a Medicare card in the mail weeks later with
    the first name of Dave instead of David. At enrollement
    my file was found as David. My yearly statement showing
    what I would make if I was to recieve social security
    was as David. The socail security card I carry in my pocket has David. Back in the early 1960’s, when I first sign up for a social security card, I used Dave. Few years later a got a new card with David.Been that way for over 50 years. What do I need to do to get my correct name on the card? When I received my Medicare card there was a form I was to send back. I completed the back of the form showing my first name is David and not Dave. I have received no communicatin acknowledging that the change was made nor was it going too.

    What do you suggest?????

  • admin says:

    call Social Security at 1-800-772-1213

  • Marc Riedel says:

    I changed my name from Marcelline to Marc effective on 2/20/2009 and have been issued a new social security card, birth certificate, and drivers license. The rocket scientists at Medicare have never given me an updated card.

    Can you tell me who is responsible and how to provide transportation from his/her home to the office so I can get a change of name care?

  • Esther Mae Parrish says:

    After recent marriage I HAD the SS Card changed & driver’s license to my new name (Esther Mae Parrish) NEW
    SOCIAL SECURITY CARD HAS BEEN ISSUED. I cannot get Medicare to send a card in my new name. They keep sending me a new card in the OLD name & keep telling me that I have NOT changed the SS Card. Who can help? I have a drivers license & secondary medical coverage card in my new name but doctors will not provide care as long as the Medicare Card is in another name. PLEASE HELP!!!

  • admin says:

    You need to make an appointment at the SS office since you are not getting any help by phone. See the list of local offices.

  • When I went to the Social Security office in Scranton PA the person I spoke with changed my social security card but said I would have to call medicare to have my medicare card changed….. After 50 to 60 tries and receiving busy signals,,,,,,,others waiting etc. I am sending this plea for help. Please contact me at so I can get my insurance in order because they are not paying my bills for recent hospitalization and doctors.

  • Chan (aka Loi), Tew Ying says:

    I was married and used Loi as my last name (Loi, Tew Ying) when reporting income tax. Therefore, name on my Medicare card is Loi, Tew Ying. I was later divorced. Nevertheless, my SS card and New York Residency “Green” card both list my name as Chan, Tew Ying when I first came to the US. Can I change my name on my Medicare card to Chan, Tew Ying & how? It has created a problem with pharmacy because my Medicaid card also lists my name as Chan, Tew Ying. Thank you.

  • k says:

    for 65 years went by my middle name
    for 48 years used my middle name maiden name and married name

    am now forced to respond my first name plus married last name.

    The nightmare with medical records is unbelievable. I must sign authorization for my name of 65 years to see me the records of the name medicare insists I use. I do not answer to that name when nurse calls it. I feel dismissed by the government

  • Ruth A. Towell-Wright says:

    Dear Sirs:
    My name used to be Ruth A Ladd; it is now Ruth A. Towell-Wright. It was changed in the 7th Judicial Court in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, County of Sierra.
    If you need a copy of this order, you can contact Or send me a letter and I will send you a copy. My name has already been changed with the Social Security Administration. I already have my new social security card.
    I need this new card for my prescriptions that will be issued in my new name.
    Thank you so much for your time
    Ruth A Towell-Wright

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