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What if my name changed? If you legally change your name because of marriage, divorce, court order or any other reason, you need to tell Social Security so that you can get a replacement card.

If you are working, also tell your employer. If you do not tell them when your name changes, it may:

  • Delay your tax refund; and
  • Prevent your wages from being posted correctly to your Social Security record, which may lower the amount of your future Social Security benefits.

If you need to change your name on your Social Security card, you must show them a recently issued document as proof of your legal name change. Documents Social Security may accept to prove a legal name change include:

  • Marriage document;
  • Divorce decree specifically stating you may change your name;
  • Certificate of Naturalization showing a new name; or
  • Court order for a name change.

If the documents you provide for a legal name change do not give enough information to identify you, then you also must show two identity documents including:

  • One document in your old name; and
  • A second document with your new legal name.

In addition to your name, these documents must also contain identifying information or a recent photograph.

If you are a U.S. citizen born outside the United States and their records do not show you are a citizen, you will need to provide proof of your U.S. citizenship. If you are not a U.S. citizen, Social Security will ask to see your current immigration documents.

The new card will have the same number as your previous card, but will show your new name.

22 Responses to “Change Name On Medicare Card – How too?”

  • jamie says:

    keep getting mail from medicare where half the stuff is wrong name and other half is right name and medicare says they fixed it with contractors but keeps going like this — and the medicare card actually does have the right info but notices and books get half mailed in wrong name and nothing ever stops this and your mailing by junk mail permit never lets people send it back except by buying large envelopes and creating new mail at my own expense trying and show you this person not live here so from now on start to send it back cod for postage — either get this crap actually stopped not just a liar message or you will pay costs to get it back

  • I need to know if I can update my current Medicare card online or if I do need to go to the office.

    Sincerely Dawn

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