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Extra Help for People with Limited Income and Resources

If you are not sure if you qualify for extra help paying for Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage, visit these two online resources:

1. Apply Online for Extra Help with Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Costs

If your resources are less than $11,710 (single) or $23,410 (married) and your income is limited, you may qualify for extra help paying for Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage. These resource limits are for 2007 and may increase each year. The resource limits include $1,500 per person for burial expenses. Resources include your savings and stock, but not your home or car. If you haven’t received an application or information about the extra help, and you think you may qualify, you should apply.

Remember, as Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Leavitt says, “If in doubt, fill it out!” You can apply Online by visiting the Help With Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Costs section on the Social Security Administration website.

2. Find Out if You Should Apply for the Extra Help

Visit the BenefitsCheckUpRx website to learn about and join valuable federal, state and private programs that can save you money on health care and prescription drugs including the new Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage.

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