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Girl suffering from ADHDMy nephew was making my sister and her husband crazy. He was fidgety, he couldn’t keep his hands to himself, and he was always losing things. His grades weren’t very good and his teachers were frustrated because he was constantly distracting other kids. He would do impulsive things that ended up with him breaking things or getting hurt.

My sister took him to be evaluated. It was determined that he was suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and he was put on medicine to help control it. That was several years ago. He is a sophomore in high
school now and he is doing much better. On occasion, he still does impulsive things that get him into trouble. My sister isn’t sure if that is due to his ADHD or just that he is a teenager doing teenager things.

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Center for Housing & New Community Economics (CHANCE)

As a Technical Assistance Center of the Institute on Disability at the University of New Hampshire, CHANCE’s mission is to improve and increase access to integrated, affordable and accessible housing coordinated with, but separate from, personal assistance and supportive services.

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Understanding the Largest Federal Assistance Program

Social Security is the federal government’s largest single program. Created in 1935, the program now consists of two parts: Old-Age and Survivors Insurance pays benefits to retired workers and to their dependents and survivors.

Disability Insurance (DI) makes payments to disabled workers who are younger than the normal retirement age and to their dependents. In all, about 50 million people now receive Social Security benefits.

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