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In a prior post we talked about dental x-rays and just how low they are in radiation. Knowing the low dose may help put into perspective as the importance of having dental x-rays and how they help the dentist provide you with the best dental health care.   With X-rays the dentist is about to detect hidden tooth decay, the presence of a cyst or tumor, determining the presence of permanent teeth, detect oral cancer problems, root involvement with the sinuses and to help determine whether or not to remove primary teeth

An annual maximum occupational exposure for radiation workers in the United States is 5,000 millirems (measure for radiation). When you spread low doses out over a period of time, it is not as destructive to the body because it has time to recover.  To help put this in perspective to dental x-rays, you would need to have 2,000 dental x-rays to equal the radiation in 1 mammogram. To reach that maximum safety dose, you  would need to have to take approximately 10,000 dental x-rays.  On average people receive 3 dental bite-wings worth of radiation a day just from being outside in the sun or around concrete buildings and roads.

It is important to understand that a baby’s dental care really starts with his or her mother’s healthy pregnancy, because baby teeth begin to form before birth. If you are pregnant, make sure to eat a balanced, nutritious diet and get an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals as advise by your doctor.  Do not avoid your dentist, sadly too many pregnant women do not go to the dentist and seeing a dentist while pregnant is important.  Pregnant women have a higher risk of gum disease and therefore should see their dentist to maintain their oral health while pregnant

Food texture can create issues for your teeth. Sticky substances seem to find their way in-between your teeth and along your gum line. The bacteria in your mouth interacts with the sugars to weaken your tooth enamel. Therefore avoid such candies as toffee and anything gummy (such as gummy bears) If you do eat this type of treat be extra diligent with your flossing and brushing afterwards.

Wine may get better with age but did you know it also ages your teeth? With high acidic content wine start to wear down on your teeth’s enamel almost immediately. Wine also stains teeth and can cause dry mouth.

Although it can be hard to avoid flour-based, white starchy foods, for good dental health try limiting your refined carbohydrates. Refined carbohydrates are correlated with increased inflammation, which in turn causes complications like gingivitis.

Although one of America’s favorite morning and afternoon beverages may be coffee and tea, they have compounds called tannins, which can cause unsightly stains and discoloring of your teeth. Therefore to avoid staining your teeth try and limited the amount of coffee and tea drinking throughout the day.   If you are going to be drinking coffee and tea do so with a straw to limited contact with your teeth. Avoid slowly drinking these types of drinks, it can be fun to hang out at the local coffee house and babying the one cup of coffee during your hour or more stay but it is not so fun for your teeth.

For good dental care try not to drink to much fruit juices. Even though some fruit juices have some good benefits they typically contain plenty of processed sugar, high fructose corn syrup and other adverse ingredients. Instead of drinking these types of fruit juices drink eating more whole fruit instead. Whole fruit is much more filling and has the essential nutrients, vitamins and fiber you may be looking for


* Get the person out of the heat and into a shady, air-conditioned or other cool place. Urge them to lie down.

* If you suspect heat stroke, call 911.

* Encourage the individual to shower, bathe or sponge off with cool water if it is safe to do so.

* Apply a cold, wet cloth to the wrists, neck, armpits, and/or groin. These are places where blood passes close to the surface of the skin, and the cold cloths can help cool the blood.

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One good way to assure that your child has a good experience at their dental appointment is by talking to him or her about what to expect. Children are sometimes frightened by new places, sounds, or people. You may want to bring your child with you on one of your dentist check ups so it can help dispel anxiety and get them accustomed them to the atmosphere of a dental office.

Heat stroke is a life-threatening form of hyperthermia. It occurs when the body is overwhelmed by heat and unable to control its temperature.

Signs and symptoms of heat stroke include:

* A significant increase in body temperature
* Changes in mental status (like confusion or combativeness)
* Strong rapid pulse
* Lack of sweating
* Dry flushed skin feeling faint
* Staggering or coma.

Seek immediate emergency medical attention for a person with heat stroke symptoms, especially an older adult.

Factors that increase the risk of hyperthermia may include:

* Dehydration.

* High blood pressure or other health conditions that require changes in diet. For example, people on salt-restricted diets may be at increased risk. However, salt pills should not be used without first consulting a doctor.

* Heart, lung and kidney diseases, as well as any illness that causes general weakness or fever.

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As a parent it is up to you to teach and help your child learn the importance of daily oral health care. One way you can do this is by demonstrating healthy habits yourself. Make brushing and flossing a family activity. Brushing and flossing every day will help your child have healthy teeth, which will help him or her enjoy better dental check ups

According to the evidence reviewed by the Committee, limited consumption of alcohol and coffee does not tend to affect overall health. In the case of alcohol it is important to note that the Committee’s analysis only applies to adults. Furthermore, alcohol consumption is not recommended for pregnant women or individuals whose health may be adversely affected by alcoholic drinks.

Coffee consumption in moderation can be part of a healthy diet, although it is worth taking into account how much sugar and cream are added to each drink.

Be skeptical and research every aspect of an offer before making a decision.  It’s your money and if you don’t understand something, ask questions until you are satisfied.  For additional information for investors, visit


Unless you guard your personal information, it may be available to anyone with access to the Internet. Which Includes fraudsters.  If you use social media websites as a tool for investing, be aware of the features on these websites that help you protect your privacy and personal information.

Never rely solely on a testimonial or take a promoter’s word at face value in making an investment.  You can check out many investments using the SEC’s EDGAR database or your state’s securities regulator. You can check out registered investment advisers at the SEC’s Investment Adviser Public Disclosure website and registered brokers at the BrokerCheck website of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

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